sábado, 18 de agosto de 2007

Sex Pistols/Rancid - Compilado y rarezas

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK
Sex Pistols - Brown Eyed Girl
Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
Sex Pistols - I Did It My Way
Sex Pistols - I Fought The Law
Sex Pistols - I Love Rock & Roll
Sex Pistols - I Wanna Be Me
Sex Pistols - Liar
Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant
Sex Pistols - Problems
Sex Pistols - Punks Not Dead
Sex Pistols - Seventeen
Sex Pistols - Sex And Violence
Sex Pistols - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Sex Pistols - Streets Of London
Sex Pistols - This Is Not A Love Song
Sex Pistols And The Clash - Anarchy In Usa

Rancid - Fall Back Down
Rancid - Ivory Coast
Rancid - Out Of Control
Rancid - Radio
Rancid - Roots Radicals
Rancid - Ruby Soho
Rancid - Salvation

Rancid - Time Bomb
Rancid & Nofx - Vanilla Sex

Rancid & Sublime - I Wanna Riot
Rancid & The Specials - Hooligans

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2 comentarios:

geranium dijo...

Hey this is not the Sex Pistols! "I fought the law" is played by the Dead Kennedys :-)

Rufus T. Firefly dijo...

...and "brown eyed girl" is by lagwagon, "punks not dead" and "sex & violence" by exploited, "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" is by the clash, "streets of london" by anti nowhere league and "this is not a love song" is by pil. at least i´ve never heard or read that the pistols covered one of these songs.
you could try the b-sides of their singles, great stuff. i think most of them are on the Flogging A Dead Horse comiplation.